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How to layout pig farm buildings

How to layout pig farm buildings

The layout of pig farm buildings is to correctly arrange the position, orientation and spacing of various buildings. The functional relationship between buildings, sanitation and epidemic prevention, ventilation, lighting, fire prevention, land saving and other factors should be considered in the layout.

1. Location

The living area and production management area are closely connected with the outside of the farm. In order to ensure the epidemic prevention of pigs, they should be located near the gate of the pig farm, where there are disinfection pools for pedestrians and vehicles, and duty rooms and dressing rooms on both sides. The location of all kinds of pig houses in the production area shall be reasonably arranged according to the site terrain, main wind direction, and the principles of convenient pig circulation, sanitation and epidemic prevention. The pig house is arranged in the following order according to the terrain from high to low and the direction of the main wind throughout the year: male pig house, empty and pregnant female pig house, delivery house, nursing house, fattening pig house, testing pig house, pig loading platform, etc. Veterinary room, isolation house, compost yard, storage facilities and other easily contaminated facilities should be built in the downwind and the lowest part of the site, and should be kept at a distance of more than 50m from the production area.

2. Orientation

The orientation of the pigsty is related to the ventilation, lighting and sewage discharge effects of the pigsty, and is mainly determined according to the local main wind direction and sunshine conditions. Generally, the pig house is required to receive less solar radiation in summer, and the ventilation in the house is large and uniform; In winter, we should receive more solar radiation and less cold wind penetration. In hot areas, the orientation of the pigsty should be arranged according to the prevailing wind direction in the local summer to strengthen the ventilation effect and avoid solar radiation. In cold regions, the orientation should be determined according to the local winter dominant wind direction, reduce the infiltration of cold wind, and increase solar radiation. The dominant wind direction shall not be vertical or parallel to the long axis of the pigsty. Generally, the angle between the dominant wind direction in winter or summer and the long axis of the pigsty shall be 30 °~60 °. The pig house is generally within 45 ° from the south or south by east and south by west.

3. Pig house spacing

A reasonable distance is not only conducive to the ventilation of the pig farm in summer and the lighting in winter, but also conducive to the control of disease in the pig farm. The arrangement of buildings in the pig farm should be neat and reasonable, which is not only conducive to the layout of roads, water supply and drainage pipes, greening, electric wires, etc., but also convenient for production and management. The distance between pig houses shall meet the requirements of lighting, ventilation, sanitation and epidemic prevention, fire prevention and land use. The spacing of pig houses is generally 3~5H (H is the eaves height of the south row of pig houses). Generally, the distance between two rows should be 10-20m. The pig loading platform should be set outside the wall to avoid pollution and disease transmission caused by foreign vehicles on the pig farm.

In short, the layout of the pig farm should be based on the local terrain, terrain, wind direction and other actual conditions, on the basis of complying with the requirements of veterinary hygiene and fire prevention, and according to the functional relationship between the buildings, try to achieve the most compact configuration of the buildings, to ensure the shortest transportation, power supply, and water supply lines, and to create conditions for realizing the mechanization of the production process, reducing infrastructure investment, management costs and production costs.

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