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Since 2012, Shengrui company has entered the field of pig equipment production. For more than ten years, the company has insisted on independent research and innovation, from a single series of pig breeding products to a full range of intelligent breeding equipment. At present, the products are sold to more than 20 countries around the world, becoming one of the main suppliers in this field. During this period, we witnessed the comprehensive popularization of pig breeding technology and raising technology in China since 2012, and witnessed the development of pig breeding technology at abroad. For more than ten years, we have adhered to the spirit of craftsmanship. With the progress of pig breeding technology in the world, the company has developed a series of products with independent intellectual property rights to fit the domestic market under the condition that the original key equipment in the domestic market was blank, meeting the needs of pig farm requirements. The main equipment takes the high place in the domestic and aboard market. At present, domestic pig equipments is developing in a large-scale and intensive way, which requires higher quality and efficiency. The company will continue to develop intelligent, Internet control equipment to meet higher requirements of the animal breeding industry.

Corporate culture:
User first, creating value, is our eternal pursuit!

Warmth, innovation, and the world's animal husbandry.

Work with passion, grow in spirit, and possess top innovative technology and first-class talents.Deeply linked with partners and achieved mutual success, from a thin piece of paper to a thick book.Build a community of shared future, jointly build a comprehensive service platform for the industry, and help the healthy and harmonious development of animal husbandry.

Focus on animal breeding technology innovation, and help partners to grow efficiently and continuously.

Achieve a community of common hope and cause.

Why do we want to operate the Shengrui? Our concern for customers is
Constantly improve the spiritual quality, sincerely and continuously establish a heart to heart link with customers, provide high-quality products and considerate system solutions to meet customer needs,Create value for customers and help them succeed in their career and life.

Why do we want to run the Shengrui? Our focus on the team is

Jointly build a growth platform, guide employees to understand and demonstrate the "truth of life" in a lasting way, stimulate the sense of achievement, meaning and value.

Life is a happy life.



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