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Plastic Pig Flooring

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Gestation Crate

Gestation Crate

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Farrowing Crate

Farrowing Crate

High quality hot dip galvanizing farrowing crate for farrowing sows and their ne...

Europe Type Farrowing Crate

Europe Type Farrowing Crate

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Weaner Pig Nursery Pig Crate

Weaner Pig Nursery Pig Crate

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Heating Lamp Protector

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Your trustable pig farm equipment manufacturer in China

Since 2012, we have been supplying pig farm equipment including pig farrow crates, pig stalls, nursery stalls, gestation stalls, and various pig feeders.

Pig Farm Equipment Category:

1. Farrowing Crates

-provide a safe, active space for sows

-can be adjusted according to the size of the sow

-inclined protective fence to ensure the safety of the piglets

-allows piglets to freely enter and exit the pen

-Easy to manage, clean sows and piglets, reduce workload

2. Gestation Crate

-This can allow sows to have a more active environment

-Ensure sow safety and minimize interference with sows

-Sow artificial insemination is convenient for staff

-A round edge design ensures minimal damage to sows

-The hinged rear door makes it easy for sows to get in and out

-It is directly in front of a stainless feeder

-Footrests with multifunctional adjustment

-an open design allows full contact between boar and sow

-can provide quiet feeding space for sows, reducing irritation

3. Pig Crates System

A pig farm's main equipment is its pig crates system; the pig crates system depends on the type of pig herd. The pig crates systems provided by Shengrui can be customized and OEM-made to suit the needs of customers.

With the pig crates and automatic feeding system in place, large-scale farms can be managed more efficiently and production costs can be saved.

Mating and gestation building

There are two main types of pig crates: single gestation crates and boar crates.

Gilts building

The pig crates system is gilts crates.

Farrowing building

There are different styles of farrowing crates available at Shengrui to meet the needs of customers.

Weaner building

In general, weaner crates are made with a PVC fence and galvanized pipe on top, which keeps them warm and ventilates them.

Fattening building

Depending on the customer's request, galvanized steel pipe or PVC crates are used for fattening pigs.

Why choose Shengrui

1) All kinds of production machines are available in Shengrui

2) We provide CE, Test Report, and ISO 9001 certificates.

3) We have our own 4500 sow pig farm, so we have experience raising pigs.

4) Cooperated with internationally known companies such as WEDA, HL, MICROFAN, DBN, and NEW HOPE.

1. What are Shengrui's main products?

Pig farm full set automatic equipment include Pig Stall, Gestation Crate, Farrowing Crate, Weaner Pig Nursery Pig Crate, Pig feeder and more pig farm equipments.

2.How about after sale service?

Based on our established reputation and qualifications, we will be on line within 24 hours to provide professional technical support. And manage to fix problems within 48 hours. Excluding installation manuals, some videos will be provided for more information.

3.How about your pig farm equipments quality?

There are more than 20 branch companies in different cities. We know the market and quality very well, and our QA team checks material and products before loading to ensure they are of high quality.


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