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Gestation Crate

Gestation Crate

Gestation Crate...

Farrowing Crate

Farrowing Crate

High quality hot dip galvanizing farrowing crate for farrowi...

Europe Type Farrowing Crate

Europe Type Farrowing Crat

Europe Type Farrowing Crate...

Weaner Pig Nursery Pig Crate

Weaner Pig Nursery Pig Cra

Weaner Pig Nursery Pig Crate...

Galvanized Steel Pig Stall Manufacturer in China

Fence for raising pigs. Good environmental conditions can promote pigs to give full play to their growth potential.

Farrowing crate for pigs, pig farm fence

No matter how big or small your barn is, We have a farrowing crate solution that will meet your needs. To maximize the safety and protection of her nursing piglets, we offer four models with various features.


Creates comfortable environment for pigs;

Penning with climate cover system keeps pigs warm and avoid of drafts;

Easy cleaning thanks to the smooth surface of pen partition.

Square steel pipe on the top ensures robust structure;

Gestation Pig Stall

In intensive pig farming, gestation crates or sow stalls are metal enclosures where female breeding pigs (sows) may be housed during pregnancy and for most of their lives.

1)The gestation stall is very popular among our customers.

2)The design of this gestation stall is state-of-the-art in the world.

3)The front and the top are tubes which is very easy to assembly and disassembly.

4)There is only one rear door.

5)The trough is stainless steel,the life is long and easy to clean.

6)The rear door is self-locked,which is very easy to use.

7)Other types you can choose and customizing is available.

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We can customized according to your request, quality, colors, sizes.

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High quality. Quality is our culture.

Competitive price.

Fast delivery.

Perfect after-sale service

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Shengrui's main products: what are they?

Automatic full set equipment for pig farms, automatic full set equipment for poultry farms, artificial insemination equipment and veterinary instruments for animals. All the equipment and accessories needed for raising pigs and chickens are included.

After-sales service: how does it work?

We provide professional technical support within 24 hours based on our established good reputation and quality. Problems are resolved within 48 hours.

For more information, some videos will be provided in addition to the installation manual.

What is the quality of the product?

There are more than 20 branch companies in different cities. We know the market and quality very well, and our QA team checks material and products before loading to ensure they are of high quality.