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The benefits of adding a warming cover to the farrowing crate

In farrowing houses, sows require lower temperatures than piglets. If the temperature in the house is higher than 16ºC, the sow's appetite will start to decrease; in reality the farrowing room temperature that can be achieved is between 18 and 20°C. In production, warming cover are often added to the piglet area, so as to control the house temperature at a lower temperature suitable for sows, and at the same time ensure a higher temperature in the piglet area. There are many benefits to measures to provide heating for piglet areas, some important aspects of which are listed below.
Adding heating to the piglet area provides a warm environment for the piglets while keeping the farrowing room temperature low.
The benefits of heating the piglet area
1. Automatic temperature control - to provide the best temperature environment for piglets
2. Piglets can stay in the piglet area to maintain body temperature and avoid consuming energy to maintain body temperature
3. Save energy - reduce energy consumption
4. Reduce the risk of getting sick from the wind
5. The farrowing room can maintain a lower temperature, which is more suitable for the requirements of sows
6. Promote optimal feed intake for sows
7. Helps in piglet training - avoid squeezing
8. Makes batch feeding easier to manage



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