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Pig farm feeding line installation feeding line pipe opening method

The automatic feeding system of pig farms has now become the standard configuration of new large-scale pig farms. Everyone knows the benefits of the automatic feeding system, so I will not repeat them here.

    There are two commonly used feeding systems: plug feed line and auger feed line.

     The auger feed line includes: controller, auger motor, auger and feed tube. Advantages: low cost, simple maintenance, suitable for pig houses with short transmission distance and few feeding openings, often used in the main unit of auger + plug chain Feeding of feed lines and fattening houses. Auger commonly used PVC material pipe.

     The plug feeding line includes: controller, plug chain drive host, plug chain and material pipe. Advantages: low cost, complicated maintenance, suitable for pig houses with long transmission distance and many feeding ports, and can have multiple 90-degree turns . It is often used for feeding in farrowing houses and breeding and pregnancy houses. Hot-dip galvanized pipes are commonly used in the plug chain feeding system. Now, stainless steel pipes are used, which are more expensive and have a longer service life.

      The discharge port of the material line generally needs to be opened on site, and the positioning is relatively accurate. Before, most of the drilling was done on site with a bench drill. Later, some new equipment was gradually introduced for drilling on site.



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