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Construction of Positive Pressure Filtration Ventilation Pig House

Today, I will introduce some details to you with pictures

Pregnant sow house floor plan

The curtain outside the water curtain of the air inlet, the opening width of the curtain is automatically controlled by the environmental control computer.

The air inlet water curtain, the curtain outside the water curtain in the picture below has not been installed yet.

The rear end of the water curtain is the air filter room.

Air filter room: At the rear end of the filter, the positive pressure fan presses the filtered clean air into the triangle area above the ceiling. The outside of the filter room is well insulated and sealed.

Design the number of filters according to the ventilation volume of different pig houses, and the different practices of the filter wall.

The roof panel and ceiling need to be well insulated and sealed. In order to meet the requirements, glass wool cotton felt + polyurethane spraying is used under the roof panel, and benzene board composite board + polyurethane spraying is used for the ceiling panel. The junction of the upper roof panel and the wall, and the junction of the ceiling panel and the wall are all sealed with polyurethane spraying

The clean air in the upper triangular area of the ceiling enters the pig house through the ceiling air inlet window on the ceiling. This vertical ventilation mode is more suitable for cold areas in the north, where the humidity is low in summer, the cooling effect of the water curtain is better, and the interior of the pig house is more comfortable.

Fully automatic control of the air outlet, according to the ventilation volume and the positive pressure in the pig house, the air outlet can be opened at different angles through the environmental control computer and discharged out of the house. Anti-bird nets are installed inside the exhaust vents.

Guard rails need to be installed inside the lower exhaust vents.

Exterior of exhaust vents (unfinished photo)

The maximum angle at which the vents can be opened.

Anti-return wind and wind-shielding wall: In order to prevent the return air from entering the pig house due to strong wind, a wind-shielding wall is added to the outside of the air outlet. 2-3 meters.

Environmental control computer, an indispensable part of pig farm environmental control!

The eyes of the pig house environmental control computer: sensors

The pig house is heated with natural gas burners.



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